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What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…

Put the roses back, y’all! She said “rosés“, people…get with it!! We’re just starting to get into rosé season, and the 2022’s are just starting to come in (more on that soon!) but here we’ve got an absolutely killer deal on a Spanish bottle that a) drinks above its price-point, b) is sure to makeContinue reading “What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…”

Gas is $3.39/Gallon…But We Have You Covered!!

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year. The sun starts to shine a bit more, the weather becomes bearable, and…gas prices start to creep up. We tend to see a bit of this every year, even without **gestures frantically around** all the nonsense making things more difficult in today’s world. Well, we may not beContinue reading “Gas is $3.39/Gallon…But We Have You Covered!!”

Dan’s Wines for Easter (Ten Top Picks)

Let’s be honest, I could come up with pages of suggested bottles for celebrating with family and friends this weekend, but I figured we should try to keep it manageable and just hit some fun, lesser-known highlights to save time. You won’t find any particularly pricey bottles on this list (all are under $30 withContinue reading “Dan’s Wines for Easter (Ten Top Picks)”

We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale

This makes me sad, not gonna lie. Both of the wines we’re closing out today are long-term favorites of mine. I’ve visited the winery, met the folks there, and actually stayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s guest house on the property. Woke up in the morning, got my coffee, and walked out into one of theContinue reading “We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale”

Absolutely Bonkers Deal on Southern-Rhone Red (Exclusive!!)

No, I’m not being particularly hyperbolic (or at least any more than usual)…this is just a stupid good deal. We caught wind of this on a pre-sale email and, once I’d looked into it, I knew we had to try to get some. And guess what?! We are the only account in town that gotContinue reading “Absolutely Bonkers Deal on Southern-Rhone Red (Exclusive!!)”

A Tragic Love Story…From the Southern Rhône?

Outside of some very rare and highly-rated Burgundy that we brought in for our upcoming Burgundy dinner, these two wines are just about the most exciting (and some of the rarest!) French wines I’ve managed to get my hands on since I started here at Rockbridge some eighteen months ago! The wines themselves are highly-allocated,Continue reading “A Tragic Love Story…From the Southern Rhône?”