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Sippin’ into Springtime (And Graduation!) with Hy-Vee

Warm weather is finally here and I just wanted to highlight a couple of new RTD options and sweet wines that are perfect for springtime sippin’! Here we’ve got a couple of new flavored wines from our ever-popular Andre series of bubblies, a fantastic (undervalued) Italian moscato, and a couple of really tasty, exotic newContinue reading “Sippin’ into Springtime (And Graduation!) with Hy-Vee”

A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)

No, this isn’t a “mom’s” tequila, or even a particularly feminine tequila, despite the pale salmon hue. Codigo is 100% additive-free, and is the only tequila produced at NOM 1616 (a real rarity in tequila production). Yes, the brand is affiliated with George Strait and a couple of other celebrities, but the stuff in theContinue reading “A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)”

One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)

Ok, let’s be real, that doesn’t mean cheap…but the ‘big boys’ from Bolgheri never come cheap, now do they? That said, this is about the best price you’ll find anywhere on an absolute legend of a wine. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate–“This is a beauty, so generous and opulent with fully seamless transitions. The wine’s traditionalContinue reading “One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)”

Rarely-Seen, $100 Italian Chardonnay…For Under $50!!

This is one of those delightful wines that doesn’t get a lot of buzz because no one knows what it is…except for those few who do. I’ll admit, I did not. Until one of my fine-wine reps came to me with this incredible closeout deal! Yeah, when you hear “Gaja” (pronunced “GUY-uh”) white wines aren’tContinue reading “Rarely-Seen, $100 Italian Chardonnay…For Under $50!!”

Hard-to-Find Brunello at CRAZY Closeout Pricing!

I had to do a double-take when I saw this deal! Granted, 2017 was by no means a perfect vintage (drought and high temperatures ran rampant in Tuscany) and the wines certainly aren’t the equals of the blockbuster 2015s and 2016s, but there were a lot of estates who managed to produced balanced wines withContinue reading “Hard-to-Find Brunello at CRAZY Closeout Pricing!”

93pt Italian Sparkling Stunner: Rare, and at Closeout Pricing!!

So, so excited to have practically stolen two cases of this. For those of you who haven’t heard of Franciacorta, you’re not alone. Franciacorta (frahn cha COR tah) is definitely worth checking out, however…it’s sort of like Italy’s answer to Champagne, and hails from the region of Lombardy in the north-central part of Italy. MadeContinue reading “93pt Italian Sparkling Stunner: Rare, and at Closeout Pricing!!”