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95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)

When we saw the chance to snag this on closeout, it wasn’t much of a choice…we had to take it! This is the place where I would normally give you all the cool details about how the wine was made, where the grapes were grown, what kind of oak was used and for how long,Continue reading “95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)”

Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)

It’s one of the most popular Cabernets we sell, but for the last month or so we haven’t been able to put it on the shelves. At the end of the 2020 vintage, stocks were getting extremely short and the distributor had put all remaining cases on hold to be sold to on-premise (bars andContinue reading “Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)”

The World’s Best Dessert Wine (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!!)…

…and at an absolutely fantastic (though by no means negligible) price! I’ve been reading about Chateau d’Yquem for over a decade now and this is the first time I’ve actually had any in my possession. Not only is it crazy expensive, it’s also widely-recognized as la creme de la creme of high-end sweet Bordeaux and,Continue reading “The World’s Best Dessert Wine (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!!)…”

BEAUTIFUL Chilean Rosé (At an Incredible Price!!)

Let’s be honest…there are a lot of us that buy wine, at least occasionally, based on the label/packaging. After all, companies employ marketing departments and pay them the big bucks to get the wine off of the shelf and into your cart…it makes sense, right? I’d like to say that I never fall victim toContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL Chilean Rosé (At an Incredible Price!!)”

New Value-Driven Red: 2020 Bacchus Cabernet (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)

We’re excited to welcome a couple of wines from Bacchus to mid-Missouri (how has no one picked these up yet?!) and today I’d like to bring a bit of attention to the Cabernet, which I think is certain to be a real success here at Rockbridge! There’s a lot of mass-produced $13-16 Cabernet out thereContinue reading “New Value-Driven Red: 2020 Bacchus Cabernet (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)”

Sippin’ into Springtime (And Graduation!) with Hy-Vee

Warm weather is finally here and I just wanted to highlight a couple of new RTD options and sweet wines that are perfect for springtime sippin’! Here we’ve got a couple of new flavored wines from our ever-popular Andre series of bubblies, a fantastic (undervalued) Italian moscato, and a couple of really tasty, exotic newContinue reading “Sippin’ into Springtime (And Graduation!) with Hy-Vee”

What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…

Put the roses back, y’all! She said “rosés“, people…get with it!! We’re just starting to get into rosé season, and the 2022’s are just starting to come in (more on that soon!) but here we’ve got an absolutely killer deal on a Spanish bottle that a) drinks above its price-point, b) is sure to makeContinue reading “What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…”

Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow

We’re super excited to have Jade, who works with the fine folks at Vintegrity Wine & Spirits out of Kansas City, MO, here tomorrow from 5-7 to taste some rocking new stuff that we’ve just recently brought in for y’all! Here’s a quick glimpse of what she’ll have open for you to sample: Come onContinue reading “Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow”

A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)

No, this isn’t a “mom’s” tequila, or even a particularly feminine tequila, despite the pale salmon hue. Codigo is 100% additive-free, and is the only tequila produced at NOM 1616 (a real rarity in tequila production). Yes, the brand is affiliated with George Strait and a couple of other celebrities, but the stuff in theContinue reading “A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)”

One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)

Ok, let’s be real, that doesn’t mean cheap…but the ‘big boys’ from Bolgheri never come cheap, now do they? That said, this is about the best price you’ll find anywhere on an absolute legend of a wine. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate–“This is a beauty, so generous and opulent with fully seamless transitions. The wine’s traditionalContinue reading “One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)”