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Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Talisker Storm Single Malt

We finally were able to get some more of this in; it’s on sale with the distributor in May, so we figured we needed to stock up, and what better time to talk about it than Whiskey Wednesday?? Talisker Storm was one of the original ‘big-name’ NAS (non-age-statement) releases that, at its initial time ofContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Talisker Storm Single Malt”

What The….um…Heck? It’s Muckety- Muck!!

Really, really excited to see this one drop unexpectedly! We don’t see the Orphan Barrel whiskies come through very often and this one has some serious age on it! This is the third and final (and oldest) entry in the Muckety-Muck series, and is sure to be a collectible! Check out this 26-year-old single grainContinue reading “What The….um…Heck? It’s Muckety- Muck!!”

Highland Park Cask-Strength (Release #3)

We do not see this often (the last time I got it, if I’m remembering correctly, we ended up putting it in our raffle). I did manage to snag three bottles though, and it’s up on the shelf behind the counter (and for a good price!). Check it out… “ Bottled straight from the cask,Continue reading “Highland Park Cask-Strength (Release #3)”