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Hy-Vee Barrel-Pick Display (And Tasting!)

It’s taken us a little bit of time to free up the space to do this, but we’ve finally got all of our whiskey single barrel barrel-picks on display on a single endcap for you to check out! Sure, it’s a one-stop shop if you want to pick up something fun and local as aContinue reading “Hy-Vee Barrel-Pick Display (And Tasting!)”

Whiskey Wednesday: Two New Barrel Picks!!

We’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for these but they actually showed up a month early!! Got a whiskey lover who would like to find something new and fun in their Easter basket this weekend? We’ve gotcha covered! About two months ago, Marcie (over at store #3) and I sat down with the folks fromContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: Two New Barrel Picks!!”

Whiskey Drop Friday: Stranahan’s Store Pick Edition!

I don’t know about you, but with the dusting of snow we got last night and the cold weather descending upon us, I’m in the mood for something warm, malty, and with a little kick! That being the case, it was quite serendipitous that this dropped this morning, a little bit ahead of schedule. ForContinue reading “Whiskey Drop Friday: Stranahan’s Store Pick Edition!”

Friday Bourbon Drop: Maker’s Mark Single-Barrel Edition

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this ever since Marcie got to go down to Kentucky and pick out a barrel. John and I couldn’t make it work schedule wise to go but hey, I’m not disappointed or bitter at all that I couldn’t get my schedule to work out…heh…heh…right?….yeah…..annnnnnyay. BUT. The good news? Marcie did aContinue reading “Friday Bourbon Drop: Maker’s Mark Single-Barrel Edition”