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Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!

We’ve got a super-cool new tequila for you this morning that literally just dropped unannounced. Pretty cool for Tequila Tuesday, right? As far as ‘entry-level, bargain brands’ go, I’ve always been a fan of Lunazul. Their pricing has stayed pretty consistent over the years and, though they’re not certified through, they are in factContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!”

Crown Royal 23-Year…Apple?!

Yup! Apparently, this is a thing. I honestly had no idea, but when a couple of my customers started asking for it and getting really excited, I had to look into it. You read it right: it’s a Crown Royal Apple (one of our most popular, best-selling flavored whiskies) but a special, highly-limited edition that’sContinue reading “Crown Royal 23-Year…Apple?!”

A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)

No, this isn’t a “mom’s” tequila, or even a particularly feminine tequila, despite the pale salmon hue. Codigo is 100% additive-free, and is the only tequila produced at NOM 1616 (a real rarity in tequila production). Yes, the brand is affiliated with George Strait and a couple of other celebrities, but the stuff in theContinue reading “A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)”

Super-Rare 1983 Vintage Port (We Have One Bottle!)

Ok, so teeeeechnically, we have two bottles. Technically. But 1983 is my birthyear, and I adore Graham’s Port, and our distributor had a miniscule 2 bottles of this vintage in stock so…I had to, right? That’s what I’m telling my wife anyway. So Imma take one of these. But for those of you who loveContinue reading “Super-Rare 1983 Vintage Port (We Have One Bottle!)”

Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!

It’s almost that time! As we approach Passover/Easter we traditionally have people asking for more Kosher-certified wines. Many are under the impression that aside from wines like Mogen David and Manischewitz (very sweet, Concord-based table wines) there just aren’t a lot of options out there. We’re happy to tell you that that’s not the caseContinue reading “Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!”

Lent Bier is Here!! (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)

This is one that almost never makes it to the center of the state, but we managed to snag a case! For those of you not familiar with Aecht Schlenkerla, they’re perhaps the best-known and one of the most-respected brewers of Rauchbier (literally, ‘smoke beer’) that is the specialty of the German city of Bamberg,Continue reading “Lent Bier is Here!! (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)”

What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!

I remember back in my Conley Road days when this came in 22oz bombers and was almost impossible to get if you lived outside of the St. Louis Metro area, but now it’s available in limited quantities in six-pack cans and at a great price. Oh, and the beer itself? Granted, it was like 8-9Continue reading “What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!”

Elk Cove “Ultima”: Ice Wine, Willamette Valley Style!

I’ve had a someof you express interest in the wines of Elk Cove from Oregon and, in addition to the standard Pinot Gris, we brought in a few bottles of this beauty: a traditional unusual ice wine made from (primarily) late-harvest Riesling grapes from the Willamette Valley! This was actually sort of a ‘two birds,Continue reading “Elk Cove “Ultima”: Ice Wine, Willamette Valley Style!”