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Raffle Update: Please Note Special Instructions

Good evening, all! I appreciate y’alls enthusiasm (more than you know!) but please note the fine print in the original post. We won’t be accepting any email guesses until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning. Anything we receive before that will be deleted without being opened. Please hit me up again in the morning, any time afterContinue reading “Raffle Update: Please Note Special Instructions”

Whiskey Wednesday: 3/28 Edition

Good morning, y’all! It’s Whiskey Wednesday down here at your friendly Rockbridge Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits department, and we’re releasing a good bit of allocated whiskey for you this morning! Allocations have been extremely slim of late, but we do have some great bottles for you today! Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select Barrel-Proof-One of theContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: 3/28 Edition”

New at Rockbridge: Tequila Tuesday!!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been wanting to make this happen now for awhile, but we wanted to wait to get our spirits reset done and expand our tequila section before we kicked it off. Well, I can finally say that we have, without a doubt, the best tequila set in town (at least off-premise,Continue reading “New at Rockbridge: Tequila Tuesday!!”

FINALLY Back in Stock: Mondavi Buttery Chardonnay

Y’all have been clamoring for this one for a long time (I think it’s been at least a couple of months) and it’s finally back in stock at the distributor. Sadly it wasn’t at the deep sale price this month (of course it wasn’t in stock last month when it was super-cheap), but we doContinue reading “FINALLY Back in Stock: Mondavi Buttery Chardonnay”

New Beer Friday: When You Gaze into the Abyss…

…your wife may wonder why the heck you’re staring so hard at your beer! So excited to have this one in! I love the new 12oz 4pk packaging on Deschutes new high-end stuff. The old-school, waxed 22oz bottles looked great but the pricing was just…yeah. But I digress. This is one of my favorite “bigContinue reading “New Beer Friday: When You Gaze into the Abyss…”