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95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)

When we saw the chance to snag this on closeout, it wasn’t much of a choice…we had to take it! This is the place where I would normally give you all the cool details about how the wine was made, where the grapes were grown, what kind of oak was used and for how long,Continue reading “95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)”

Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)

It’s one of the most popular Cabernets we sell, but for the last month or so we haven’t been able to put it on the shelves. At the end of the 2020 vintage, stocks were getting extremely short and the distributor had put all remaining cases on hold to be sold to on-premise (bars andContinue reading “Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)”

BEAUTIFUL Chilean Rosé (At an Incredible Price!!)

Let’s be honest…there are a lot of us that buy wine, at least occasionally, based on the label/packaging. After all, companies employ marketing departments and pay them the big bucks to get the wine off of the shelf and into your cart…it makes sense, right? I’d like to say that I never fall victim toContinue reading “BEAUTIFUL Chilean Rosé (At an Incredible Price!!)”

New Value-Driven Red: 2020 Bacchus Cabernet (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)

We’re excited to welcome a couple of wines from Bacchus to mid-Missouri (how has no one picked these up yet?!) and today I’d like to bring a bit of attention to the Cabernet, which I think is certain to be a real success here at Rockbridge! There’s a lot of mass-produced $13-16 Cabernet out thereContinue reading “New Value-Driven Red: 2020 Bacchus Cabernet (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!)”

Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow

We’re super excited to have Jade, who works with the fine folks at Vintegrity Wine & Spirits out of Kansas City, MO, here tomorrow from 5-7 to taste some rocking new stuff that we’ve just recently brought in for y’all! Here’s a quick glimpse of what she’ll have open for you to sample: Come onContinue reading “Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow”

One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)

Ok, let’s be real, that doesn’t mean cheap…but the ‘big boys’ from Bolgheri never come cheap, now do they? That said, this is about the best price you’ll find anywhere on an absolute legend of a wine. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate–“This is a beauty, so generous and opulent with fully seamless transitions. The wine’s traditionalContinue reading “One of the CLASSIC Super-Tuscans (At an Unbeatable Price!)”

Fantastic, Hyper-Limited Chateauneuf-du-Pape (92pts, Under $30!!)

I really wish I could post this publicly, but we made a deal that if we could snag a couple of cases of this, we wouldn’t put it up on the website (or the shelf for that matter!). It’s kind of a sell-from-under-the-counter-or-through-wine-club sorta wine. Why? There’s very little of this to go around, andContinue reading “Fantastic, Hyper-Limited Chateauneuf-du-Pape (92pts, Under $30!!)”

New Wagner-Family Red (With a Big Fuel-Saver!)

We know y’all love your Wagner Family wines. From the mac-daddy Caymus to Bonanza, Meiomi, and Conundrum, these are some of our best-selling red wines day-in and day-out. That’s why we thought we’d take a shot on this guy, and give you all a great value with a big Fuel-Saver as well! From the QuiltContinue reading “New Wagner-Family Red (With a Big Fuel-Saver!)”

Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!

It’s almost that time! As we approach Passover/Easter we traditionally have people asking for more Kosher-certified wines. Many are under the impression that aside from wines like Mogen David and Manischewitz (very sweet, Concord-based table wines) there just aren’t a lot of options out there. We’re happy to tell you that that’s not the caseContinue reading “Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!”

We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale

This makes me sad, not gonna lie. Both of the wines we’re closing out today are long-term favorites of mine. I’ve visited the winery, met the folks there, and actually stayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s guest house on the property. Woke up in the morning, got my coffee, and walked out into one of theContinue reading “We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale”