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New from Second Shift: “Chocolate Chip Trip LSD”!

Is it just me, or does that cat kinda look like some of the artwork from Aerosmith’s late-Nineties “Nine Lives” album (maybe the last one they were relevant?). I kid, I kid…sorta. Anyway, oddly enough, that album came out right around about the time Steve Crider started homebrewing. The dude’s had a long time toContinue reading “New from Second Shift: “Chocolate Chip Trip LSD”!”

Whiskey Wednesday Drop: Rieger’s Bottled-in-Bond Straight Bourbon

So excited to finally have the new release of this guy available! This sold out almost immediately last year, but we lucked out and got a couple of six-packs this go-round. Missouri is really bringing the bourbon game of late, with phenomenal offerings from Ben Holladay and now this. Check it out! Here’s a littleContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday Drop: Rieger’s Bottled-in-Bond Straight Bourbon”

It’s Bourbon Time, Y’all (New Stuff and Allocations)!!

In addition to our regular stock of bourbons, from favorite marques to the best of the bottom shelf, we’ve got a couple of extra-special offerings for you today! The first is one we’ve been hearing about for awhile now, but is finally available to us here in Mid-MO. Ben Holladay “Soft Red Wheat” Bottled inContinue reading “It’s Bourbon Time, Y’all (New Stuff and Allocations)!!”

Customer Request: The Return of Locally-Produced, Mid-Missouri Mead!!

These guys used to be available pretty regularly back in the day, but the producer couldn’t find a distributor that they really felt took care of the brand the way that it deserved and, sadly, the meads disappeared off local shelves and haven’t really been seen since. We’ve had customers ask for them from timeContinue reading “Customer Request: The Return of Locally-Produced, Mid-Missouri Mead!!”

Green Dragon DIPA (Springfield Brewing Company): Dan’s Take

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced y’all to Springfield Brewing Company, as we were fortunate enough to be the first ones in town to officially bring them on. I’m a huge fan of the brand, though it had been a few years since I’d gotten to do any official…erm…research on their product. Thanks toContinue reading “Green Dragon DIPA (Springfield Brewing Company): Dan’s Take”

A (Gasp!!) IPA from KC Bier Company?!

Yup! We never thought we’d see it either, but here it is, and it’s tasty! A little unusual, but super tasty!! Check it out! This 5.8% abv Germanically-influenced IPA is built upon a base of Pilsner and Munich malts, and is hopped to 42 IBUs with both German and American hops. Weird, right? But what’sContinue reading “A (Gasp!!) IPA from KC Bier Company?!”

Please Help Us Give a WARM Welcome To Springfield Brewing Company!!

We’re so excited to have these guys back in the market! For a very brief moment back in my Conley Road days there was a distributor that would bring them in, but stock was sporadic and often the beer was short-dated, which was a shame, because the beers are super-tasty! We’re honored to be oneContinue reading “Please Help Us Give a WARM Welcome To Springfield Brewing Company!!”

What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!

I remember back in my Conley Road days when this came in 22oz bombers and was almost impossible to get if you lived outside of the St. Louis Metro area, but now it’s available in limited quantities in six-pack cans and at a great price. Oh, and the beer itself? Granted, it was like 8-9Continue reading “What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!”

New Beer Friday: Logboat Edition

These guys just keep rollin ’em out, and this is one of the most exciting ones I’ve seen in awhile (what can I say, I love fresh hop IPAs and I love Simcoe)! That’s not the Jerk Alert shark you’re seeing, this guy’s 100% brand new! This is the first in a new series they’reContinue reading “New Beer Friday: Logboat Edition”

KILLER Price on Mother’s Winter Grind!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet! You all know and love Mother’s Winter Grind…not only is it one of our best-selling winter seasonals, it’s also local! Oh, AND…check out this end-of-season pricing. Granted, it’s still like 16 degrees out in the morning when I come into work, but they’re wanting to get spring seasonalsContinue reading “KILLER Price on Mother’s Winter Grind!”