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Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!

We’ve got a super-cool new tequila for you this morning that literally just dropped unannounced. Pretty cool for Tequila Tuesday, right? As far as ‘entry-level, bargain brands’ go, I’ve always been a fan of Lunazul. Their pricing has stayed pretty consistent over the years and, though they’re not certified through, they are in factContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!”

Tequila Tuesday: Killer Pricing on Corazon 1L Bottles!

We’ve had some real success with Corazon here in the past few months, as we’ve brought in some single-barrel bottlings that have really excited people (like the E.H. Taylor edition!). We were talking about maybe bringing in some of the ‘standard’ line and then we found this deal. Check it out! These liter-size bottles ofContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: Killer Pricing on Corazon 1L Bottles!”

Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow

We’re super excited to have Jade, who works with the fine folks at Vintegrity Wine & Spirits out of Kansas City, MO, here tomorrow from 5-7 to taste some rocking new stuff that we’ve just recently brought in for y’all! Here’s a quick glimpse of what she’ll have open for you to sample: Come onContinue reading “Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow”

A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)

No, this isn’t a “mom’s” tequila, or even a particularly feminine tequila, despite the pale salmon hue. Codigo is 100% additive-free, and is the only tequila produced at NOM 1616 (a real rarity in tequila production). Yes, the brand is affiliated with George Strait and a couple of other celebrities, but the stuff in theContinue reading “A Beautiful New Rosa Tequila (And a PERFECT Cocktail for Mothers’ Day Brunch!)”

Insane Tequila Tuesday Closeout!!

How cool is this? We’ve been doing a lot with this producer lately, and we’re actually tasting one of their tequilas at our Cindo de Mayo dinner this coming Thursday that we special-ordered from out of the market. Speaking of things that no one else has…check this out…and check out those prices!! We managed toContinue reading “Insane Tequila Tuesday Closeout!!”

Tequila Tuesday: In Focus–Codigo 1530 Blancos!

It’s another Tequila Tuesday and, despite the wretched weather we had over the weekend they tell me that springtime is on the way! Now, warmer weather always has me thinking ‘tequila’, but it’s also Tequila Tuesday, so any bottle of tequila you buy from us is going to get you a 10% discount off ofContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: In Focus–Codigo 1530 Blancos!”

Top-Shelf, Artisanal Tequila Dinner: Thursday, May 4th

We’ve been leading up to this for a little while now, and I wanted to wait until after the Rye Whiskey tasting this coming Thursday, but I just realized that we’re officially only three weeks away from this event, so it’s time to make it official and get y’all the 411! Tequila is absolutely, positivelyContinue reading “Top-Shelf, Artisanal Tequila Dinner: Thursday, May 4th”

Tequila Tuesday: A (Very) Special Arrival

No, it’s not cheap, but this is a very (very) special bottle. If you haven’t heard of Cazcanes, you’re not alone, but it’s a brand that everyone in the tequila world is talking about. If you want to know more about them, you’ll have to come to our tequila dinner on May 4th, where we’llContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: A (Very) Special Arrival”

(REALLY) Special, Rare Barrel-Proof Codigo Tequila!

From NOM 1616 (where Codigo is the only brand produced!), this is a fantastic, rarely-seen (we had to special-order it from out of market) anejo tequila that’s bottled at cask strength. While more still-strength blanco tequilas are becoming available (one of my favorite trends in the new tequila boom!), higher-proof anejos are still quite rare.Continue reading “(REALLY) Special, Rare Barrel-Proof Codigo Tequila!”

SERIOUSLY Hard-to-Get, Top-Shelf, Additive-Free Tequila

Again, it really (really) pays to work with some of the smaller distributors and give them the time of day. That’s how we get stuff like this! They only had these tequilas in stock for a few days, but the KC and STL markets took everything they had except for a handful of bottles. AndContinue reading “SERIOUSLY Hard-to-Get, Top-Shelf, Additive-Free Tequila”