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Special Mothers’ Day Gin Tasting!

If your Mom loves gin (or heck, if you love gin!) why not come on out to your Rockbridge Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits department this Saturday (that’s tomorrow!) from 2pm to 4pm to sample one of our best-selling gins and a brand-new line extension from them as well! The first 36 moms to come byContinue reading “Special Mothers’ Day Gin Tasting!”

Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow

We’re super excited to have Jade, who works with the fine folks at Vintegrity Wine & Spirits out of Kansas City, MO, here tomorrow from 5-7 to taste some rocking new stuff that we’ve just recently brought in for y’all! Here’s a quick glimpse of what she’ll have open for you to sample: Come onContinue reading “Awesome (Free!) Tasting Tomorrow”

Top-Shelf, Artisanal Tequila Dinner: Thursday, May 4th

We’ve been leading up to this for a little while now, and I wanted to wait until after the Rye Whiskey tasting this coming Thursday, but I just realized that we’re officially only three weeks away from this event, so it’s time to make it official and get y’all the 411! Tequila is absolutely, positivelyContinue reading “Top-Shelf, Artisanal Tequila Dinner: Thursday, May 4th”

Whiskey University’s Newest Class: Rye Whiskey 203

We’re incredibly excited to be able to welcome Brad from Whiskey University back to Rockbridge Hy-Vee on Thursday, April 13th for Whiskey University’s Whiskey 203: Rye Whiskey. Check it out! “This class is about rye whiskey which is growing in popularity in the United States at a rate of more than 20% annually. Rye WhiskeyContinue reading “Whiskey University’s Newest Class: Rye Whiskey 203”

Irish Whiskey Dinner: Final Lineup (And a Challenge!!)

While I’m staying home with a sick kiddo today, Brad and I were able to look over the final tasting order and whiskey itinerary for next Thursday (March 16th’s) Irish whiskey extravaganza, courtesy of our friends at Whiskey University. I’ve gotta say, I’ve done some pretty solid Irish whiskey dinners/presentations in the past, but lookingContinue reading “Irish Whiskey Dinner: Final Lineup (And a Challenge!!)”

Whiskey University 222: Irish Whiskey Basics…Come Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style!!

Oh, I am SO excited about this one!! Usually I insist on doing my own St. Patrick’s event (it’s one of my favorites to put together), but this year…oi…there’s way too much going on. AND we have access to Brad Martens from Whiskey University, who I never had before. So what did we do? IContinue reading “Whiskey University 222: Irish Whiskey Basics…Come Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style!!”

“Bourbon 252: The Big Three Distilleries” Class Update!!

Hey y’all! Just a quick reminder that not this Thursday (we’ve got the Big Game to get ready for, after all) but next Thursday (February 16th) we’ll have Brad Martens from Whiskey University here teaching the Univeristy’s Bourbon 252 “The Big Three Distilleries” course. What does that mean? It means 9 samples of high-quality bourbonContinue reading ““Bourbon 252: The Big Three Distilleries” Class Update!!”

Whiskey University Bourbon 252: “The Big Three Distilleries”

It’s that time again! We’ve had such phenomenal success with Brad Martens and the classes that he teaches for Whiskey University that we’ve scheduled another one for Thursday February 16th. That’s just two weeks away, folks, and trust me, you’re gonna wanna be a part of this one…just wait until you see what we’re pouring.Continue reading “Whiskey University Bourbon 252: “The Big Three Distilleries””

Tequila Cazadores Dinner Recap

Thank you all so much for coming out last night to join us for a very special presentation from Tequila Cazadores’ North American Brand Ambassador Alan Ruesga-Pelayo! It was a really special night, getting to hear him talk about his brand, his beloved Jalisco, and tequila in general, especially as it pertains to the AmericanContinue reading “Tequila Cazadores Dinner Recap”

Tequila and Tacos: Dinner with Alan Ruesga-Pelayo, North American Tequila Cazadores Ambassador

How many of y’all love tequila? If you just raised your hand (in reality or in spirit), this is a big deal we’ve got coming up for you! Yes, it’s last minute, and that’s unfortunate, but in an attempt to make it up to you (and maybe incentivize y’all to come on out just aContinue reading “Tequila and Tacos: Dinner with Alan Ruesga-Pelayo, North American Tequila Cazadores Ambassador”