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95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)

When we saw the chance to snag this on closeout, it wasn’t much of a choice…we had to take it! This is the place where I would normally give you all the cool details about how the wine was made, where the grapes were grown, what kind of oak was used and for how long,Continue reading “95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)”

Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)

Here’s one of those offers that, when we came across it on a vendor’s closeout list, we pounced on without a second look! Dry Fly Washington Wheat Vodka is produced from 100% Washington Wheat and is smooth, creamy, and lightly buttery with a clean finish. It was the first product that Dry Fly ever produced,Continue reading “Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)”

What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…

Put the roses back, y’all! She said “rosés“, people…get with it!! We’re just starting to get into rosé season, and the 2022’s are just starting to come in (more on that soon!) but here we’ve got an absolutely killer deal on a Spanish bottle that a) drinks above its price-point, b) is sure to makeContinue reading “What Mom REALLY Wants this Weekend…”

Insane Tequila Tuesday Closeout!!

How cool is this? We’ve been doing a lot with this producer lately, and we’re actually tasting one of their tequilas at our Cindo de Mayo dinner this coming Thursday that we special-ordered from out of the market. Speaking of things that no one else has…check this out…and check out those prices!! We managed toContinue reading “Insane Tequila Tuesday Closeout!!”

Rarely-Seen, $100 Italian Chardonnay…For Under $50!!

This is one of those delightful wines that doesn’t get a lot of buzz because no one knows what it is…except for those few who do. I’ll admit, I did not. Until one of my fine-wine reps came to me with this incredible closeout deal! Yeah, when you hear “Gaja” (pronunced “GUY-uh”) white wines aren’tContinue reading “Rarely-Seen, $100 Italian Chardonnay…For Under $50!!”

Are You KIDDING Me? (Closeout Premier Cru Chablis!)

Looking through one of my distributor’s books, I couldn’t believe that they were closing out the last case of this Premiere Cru Chablis. I was even more stunned when it actually showed up, and at the price that I’d been quoted. On top of that, 2018 was a phenomenal vintage in Chablis, and this wineContinue reading “Are You KIDDING Me? (Closeout Premier Cru Chablis!)”

We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale

This makes me sad, not gonna lie. Both of the wines we’re closing out today are long-term favorites of mine. I’ve visited the winery, met the folks there, and actually stayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s guest house on the property. Woke up in the morning, got my coffee, and walked out into one of theContinue reading “We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale”

Hard-to-Find Brunello at CRAZY Closeout Pricing!

I had to do a double-take when I saw this deal! Granted, 2017 was by no means a perfect vintage (drought and high temperatures ran rampant in Tuscany) and the wines certainly aren’t the equals of the blockbuster 2015s and 2016s, but there were a lot of estates who managed to produced balanced wines withContinue reading “Hard-to-Find Brunello at CRAZY Closeout Pricing!”

New Beer Tuesday (And a Closeout Steal!)

Good morning, y’all! It’s gonna be a crazy busy day, but I wanted to get this out to you this morning as we’ve got some really exciting new stuff here this morning! Check it out! 2023 Firestone Walker Parabola-One of the original “cult” stouts…do any of y’all still have any of the 22oz bottles hangingContinue reading “New Beer Tuesday (And a Closeout Steal!)”

Fuel-Saver INSANITY: Three 90pt+ Wines w/HUGE Fuel-Savers

We’ve worked hard to make Rockbridge #1 in your mind when it comes to getting fantastic off-the-beaten-path wine deals, but we’ve also been working hard to make ourselves the go-to destination for saving boatloads of cash when filling up your vehicle when you use our Fuel-Saver points. Today, we combine those two trends with threeContinue reading “Fuel-Saver INSANITY: Three 90pt+ Wines w/HUGE Fuel-Savers”