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New Beer Friday (Speakeasy Edition!)

We’ve been waiting a little while for these guys to drop through, but they finally made it today and it was definitely worth the wait, as we scored a couple of new Surly brews and a case each of two rarities from 903…check it out! Surly Hell-“Dorit Ansari is from Germany. Omar Ansari is herContinue reading “New Beer Friday (Speakeasy Edition!)”

New from Second Shift: “Chocolate Chip Trip LSD”!

Is it just me, or does that cat kinda look like some of the artwork from Aerosmith’s late-Nineties “Nine Lives” album (maybe the last one they were relevant?). I kid, I kid…sorta. Anyway, oddly enough, that album came out right around about the time Steve Crider started homebrewing. The dude’s had a long time toContinue reading “New from Second Shift: “Chocolate Chip Trip LSD”!”

Rare Beer Friday: Craft Republic Edition!

We always love to get news from Katie, our Craft Republic rep, that there’s cool new stuff coming in. Honestly, most of the time, I just take her word for it…if it’s cool and limited, yup, we’ll take it, we’ll figure out the details later! But we were especially excited for these two, as weContinue reading “Rare Beer Friday: Craft Republic Edition!”

Feelin’ Surly: Friday Edition!

It’s been a long week, y’all, and I’m gonna be honest…I’ve felt a bit surly myself from time to time this week. I’m looking forward to relaxing and unwinding a bit over the weekend and sipping on one of these limited-edition brews from Surly seems like just the thing. Check ’em out! You can’t goContinue reading “Feelin’ Surly: Friday Edition!”

Pipeworks Barrel-Aged Barleywine!

We only got 12 cans of this but were stoked that we actually were able to score an allocation! “Giddy Up! Barrel Aged Saddle Up is a cuvee of three different batches of barleywine. We took the best barrels laid down in 2017 and 2018 and blended them with fresh barleywine brewed in 2020 thatContinue reading “Pipeworks Barrel-Aged Barleywine!”

The Darkest Depths of Delirium…Barrel-Aged!

Come with us as we descend into madness, into the darkest depths of Delirium. Or, just come join us for a beer, ya know…whatever. There’s not a lot of this to go around (and it’s not cheap), but these barrel-aged Belgian ales (from Delirium, Duvel, Chimay, etc) always seem to delivery the goods. Check thisContinue reading “The Darkest Depths of Delirium…Barrel-Aged!”

Holy Strong Ales, Batman!

Check this out! Spring may be just around the corner (so they tell us), but it’s blustery and unpleasant as heck out there today…in other words, it’s still perfect weather for beers like these! Not only were we lucky enough to get a bit of extra Parabola 2023, we also snagged a case of FirestoneContinue reading “Holy Strong Ales, Batman!”

New Beer Tuesday (And a Closeout Steal!)

Good morning, y’all! It’s gonna be a crazy busy day, but I wanted to get this out to you this morning as we’ve got some really exciting new stuff here this morning! Check it out! 2023 Firestone Walker Parabola-One of the original “cult” stouts…do any of y’all still have any of the 22oz bottles hangingContinue reading “New Beer Tuesday (And a Closeout Steal!)”

New Beer Friday: It’s an Abomination!

These guys do some truly whacky stuff, and these two new varieties fall firmly within that category, but they also sound like a lot of fun! Normally, we’re able to get a case of each Abomination release, but we were limited to 12 cans of each of these this go-round. Check ’em out! Tiramisu MidnightContinue reading “New Beer Friday: It’s an Abomination!”

What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!

I remember back in my Conley Road days when this came in 22oz bombers and was almost impossible to get if you lived outside of the St. Louis Metro area, but now it’s available in limited quantities in six-pack cans and at a great price. Oh, and the beer itself? Granted, it was like 8-9Continue reading “What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!”