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Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)

It’s one of the most popular Cabernets we sell, but for the last month or so we haven’t been able to put it on the shelves. At the end of the 2020 vintage, stocks were getting extremely short and the distributor had put all remaining cases on hold to be sold to on-premise (bars andContinue reading “Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)”

Back By Popular Demand: Founders “Fruit Stripes” Mix Pack

Ok, so that’s just what I call it. If you wanna get all specific about it, it’s technically called the Green Zebra Variety Pack, but who’s keeping track? The point is this variety pack of gose-style ale has four, count them, four different varieties of Green Zebra (Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango, and Peach) and for whateverContinue reading “Back By Popular Demand: Founders “Fruit Stripes” Mix Pack”

Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Talisker Storm Single Malt

We finally were able to get some more of this in; it’s on sale with the distributor in May, so we figured we needed to stock up, and what better time to talk about it than Whiskey Wednesday?? Talisker Storm was one of the original ‘big-name’ NAS (non-age-statement) releases that, at its initial time ofContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: An Ode to Talisker Storm Single Malt”

Whacky Willett Whiskey Wednesday (Purple Top!!) Plus OGD 114!!

How’s this for unexpected, surprising, and flipping AWESOME on Whiskey Wednesday. Talk about an embarasment of riches! Check this out! The last (well, the only, really) time we received the Willett Purple Top Wheat we only got a couple of bottles and they sold immediately. Here we actually got a few bottles and, as such,Continue reading “Whacky Willett Whiskey Wednesday (Purple Top!!) Plus OGD 114!!”

RYE Didn’t You Tell Us?! (Surprise Allocation Drop!)

This was a lovely surprise drop today, so major thanks to the good folks at Breakthru Beverage for hooking us up. The original go-round, we only scored a couple bottles of this, and they both sold off the counter before I could get a blog post up and then we had people asking for themContinue reading “RYE Didn’t You Tell Us?! (Surprise Allocation Drop!)”

The First of the 2022 Rosés is Here…

…and it was a huge customer favorite last year!! Don’t let the chonky-boi 1L glass bottle or pry-off cap fool you…though they’re ultra-modern and trendy in terms of packaging and priced to move, the Austrian wines from Brunn are traditional, high-quality, and customer favorites (when we can get them in stock!). Never heard of Brunn?Continue reading “The First of the 2022 Rosés is Here…”

Sour Power! Cascade Returns to CoMO!!

We were really excited to hear that a limited number of beers from Cascade out in Portland, OR were going to be available again in the middle of the state. These guys were available to us here for a little while back in the day, but stock was extremely iffy and prices were high. We’reContinue reading “Sour Power! Cascade Returns to CoMO!!”

Customer Request: The Return of Locally-Produced, Mid-Missouri Mead!!

These guys used to be available pretty regularly back in the day, but the producer couldn’t find a distributor that they really felt took care of the brand the way that it deserved and, sadly, the meads disappeared off local shelves and haven’t really been seen since. We’ve had customers ask for them from timeContinue reading “Customer Request: The Return of Locally-Produced, Mid-Missouri Mead!!”

An Aussie Favorite (And Repeat Customer Request) Returns: D’Arenberg’s Laughing Magpie Shiraz

This was one of those weird little bottlings that I brought in some 18 months ago on a whim, largely because I had a personal connection to the wine that goes way back. Even though D’Arenberg’s wines aren’t widely available locally (or even that well known anymore, despite their excellent quality and track record) thisContinue reading “An Aussie Favorite (And Repeat Customer Request) Returns: D’Arenberg’s Laughing Magpie Shiraz”

Whiskey Wednesday: Bottled-in-Bond Edition

How cool is this? We’ve finally got one of the best bottled-in-bond bottles out there back in stock after the distributor being out for months. This is another one of those that used to be on the shelf every…single…day, that’s now almost impossible to track down. While I’m not one of them (I love meContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: Bottled-in-Bond Edition”