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95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)

When we saw the chance to snag this on closeout, it wasn’t much of a choice…we had to take it! This is the place where I would normally give you all the cool details about how the wine was made, where the grapes were grown, what kind of oak was used and for how long,Continue reading “95-pt Napa Cabernet at HUGE Savings (And Under $40!!)”

Busch Light Peach: It’s Heeeeeeeere (Two Weeks Early!)

We begged. We pleaded. We might have hounded, cajoled, wheedled, etc. This wasn’t supposed to drop until mid-June, but our friends at N.H. Scheppers hooked us UP!! Check it out! I’m telling y’all, this is the flavor of summer! It pours a bit darker than Busch Light, and the nose is dead-on for ripe, freshContinue reading “Busch Light Peach: It’s Heeeeeeeere (Two Weeks Early!)”

New Beer Friday (Craft Republic Hazies and Sours Edition!)

Good morning, y’all! We’ve got some hot new allocations for you from the fine folks at Craft Republic, just in time for the weekend. While the hazy bois are likely to garner the most attention, we’ve got a couple of stunning, rare sours (including one more bottle of Cantillon!) that no one else got hereContinue reading “New Beer Friday (Craft Republic Hazies and Sours Edition!)”

Whiskey Wednesday: Buffalo Trace (and Friends) Edition

Good evening, y’all! It’s been a bit of a rough week here so far (I kinda feel like that’s the new normal in retail these days, amiright?) but I wanted to get something special out for y’all this week for Whiskey Wednesday tomorrow, what with the holiday weekend coming up and all. Please read thisContinue reading “Whiskey Wednesday: Buffalo Trace (and Friends) Edition”

Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!

We’ve got a super-cool new tequila for you this morning that literally just dropped unannounced. Pretty cool for Tequila Tuesday, right? As far as ‘entry-level, bargain brands’ go, I’ve always been a fan of Lunazul. Their pricing has stayed pretty consistent over the years and, though they’re not certified through, they are in factContinue reading “Tequila Tuesday: Comin’ Atcha with Both Barrels!!”

Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)

It’s one of the most popular Cabernets we sell, but for the last month or so we haven’t been able to put it on the shelves. At the end of the 2020 vintage, stocks were getting extremely short and the distributor had put all remaining cases on hold to be sold to on-premise (bars andContinue reading “Caymus: The New 2021 Vintage is Here!! (And Limited)”

Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)

Here’s one of those offers that, when we came across it on a vendor’s closeout list, we pounced on without a second look! Dry Fly Washington Wheat Vodka is produced from 100% Washington Wheat and is smooth, creamy, and lightly buttery with a clean finish. It was the first product that Dry Fly ever produced,Continue reading “Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)”

Back By Popular Demand: Founders “Fruit Stripes” Mix Pack

Ok, so that’s just what I call it. If you wanna get all specific about it, it’s technically called the Green Zebra Variety Pack, but who’s keeping track? The point is this variety pack of gose-style ale has four, count them, four different varieties of Green Zebra (Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango, and Peach) and for whateverContinue reading “Back By Popular Demand: Founders “Fruit Stripes” Mix Pack”

The World’s Best Dessert Wine (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!!)…

…and at an absolutely fantastic (though by no means negligible) price! I’ve been reading about Chateau d’Yquem for over a decade now and this is the first time I’ve actually had any in my possession. Not only is it crazy expensive, it’s also widely-recognized as la creme de la creme of high-end sweet Bordeaux and,Continue reading “The World’s Best Dessert Wine (Only at Rockbridge Hy-Vee!!)…”

Crown Royal 23-Year…Apple?!

Yup! Apparently, this is a thing. I honestly had no idea, but when a couple of my customers started asking for it and getting really excited, I had to look into it. You read it right: it’s a Crown Royal Apple (one of our most popular, best-selling flavored whiskies) but a special, highly-limited edition that’sContinue reading “Crown Royal 23-Year…Apple?!”