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Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)

Here’s one of those offers that, when we came across it on a vendor’s closeout list, we pounced on without a second look! Dry Fly Washington Wheat Vodka is produced from 100% Washington Wheat and is smooth, creamy, and lightly buttery with a clean finish. It was the first product that Dry Fly ever produced,Continue reading “Premium Craft Vodka (50% Off!!)”

Fantastic, Hyper-Limited Chateauneuf-du-Pape (92pts, Under $30!!)

I really wish I could post this publicly, but we made a deal that if we could snag a couple of cases of this, we wouldn’t put it up on the website (or the shelf for that matter!). It’s kind of a sell-from-under-the-counter-or-through-wine-club sorta wine. Why? There’s very little of this to go around, andContinue reading “Fantastic, Hyper-Limited Chateauneuf-du-Pape (92pts, Under $30!!)”

Feelin’ Surly: Friday Edition!

It’s been a long week, y’all, and I’m gonna be honest…I’ve felt a bit surly myself from time to time this week. I’m looking forward to relaxing and unwinding a bit over the weekend and sipping on one of these limited-edition brews from Surly seems like just the thing. Check ’em out! You can’t goContinue reading “Feelin’ Surly: Friday Edition!”

Super-Rare 1983 Vintage Port (We Have One Bottle!)

Ok, so teeeeechnically, we have two bottles. Technically. But 1983 is my birthyear, and I adore Graham’s Port, and our distributor had a miniscule 2 bottles of this vintage in stock so…I had to, right? That’s what I’m telling my wife anyway. So Imma take one of these. But for those of you who loveContinue reading “Super-Rare 1983 Vintage Port (We Have One Bottle!)”

Dan’s Wines for Easter (Ten Top Picks)

Let’s be honest, I could come up with pages of suggested bottles for celebrating with family and friends this weekend, but I figured we should try to keep it manageable and just hit some fun, lesser-known highlights to save time. You won’t find any particularly pricey bottles on this list (all are under $30 withContinue reading “Dan’s Wines for Easter (Ten Top Picks)”

Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!

It’s almost that time! As we approach Passover/Easter we traditionally have people asking for more Kosher-certified wines. Many are under the impression that aside from wines like Mogen David and Manischewitz (very sweet, Concord-based table wines) there just aren’t a lot of options out there. We’re happy to tell you that that’s not the caseContinue reading “Two New Kosher Wines for Passover/Easter!”

It’s Dino-Tastic (Sue times TWO!!)

These were teeeeeechnically supposed to be here last week, but a host of unfortunate circumstances conspired to keep us from this delicious, hazy, Citra-derived goodness. Until today. Check it out! Week in and week out, the Toppling Goliath beers tend to be our best-selling top-shelf hazies (though they’re now joined by the fantastic beers fromContinue reading “It’s Dino-Tastic (Sue times TWO!!)”

We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale

This makes me sad, not gonna lie. Both of the wines we’re closing out today are long-term favorites of mine. I’ve visited the winery, met the folks there, and actually stayed in Francis Ford Coppola’s guest house on the property. Woke up in the morning, got my coffee, and walked out into one of theContinue reading “We Say Goodbye to Inglenook: End of Bin Sale”

A Cult-Classic Washington Winery comes to CoMO…

…with their affordable, entry-level Cabernet and a couple of mid-level gems!! Even better? We’re the only ones to receive these wines locally!! The arrival of these wines is exciting (at least to me) for a couple of different reasons. First of all, I used to have DeLille Cellars in my portfolio when I was onContinue reading “A Cult-Classic Washington Winery comes to CoMO…”

This Year’s BEST Value-Driven Cab? Quite Possibly! Check it Out!!

This one gob smacked me! That’s not easy to do and, honestly, I went into tasting this with a rather dour and not-particularly-friendly-towards-the-brand mentality. Yeah, I’ll say it. I. Was. Wrong. Guys, don’t tell my wife I said that…I’ll never live it down. There wasn’t much of this to go around, but I bought allContinue reading “This Year’s BEST Value-Driven Cab? Quite Possibly! Check it Out!!”