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Bourbon Club

Love allocated and hard-to-find bourbons and whiskeys? Join our Bourbon Club! How’s it work? The majority* of special release bottles that we get will be offered exclusively through our Bourbon Club. Simply sign up to be a club member (with name, email, and/or phone number) and you’re automatically entered for our drawings. Sometimes we’ll offer/draw for bottles as soon as we get them, other times we’ll hold on to them for awhile until we can do a larger drawing. The process is simple: however many bottles we have to sell, we’ll draw that many names at random from our Bourbon Club list. Sometimes we’ll do these first-come, first-served among those who win, other times we’ll call the first person on the list, let him/her have his/her choice, and then work our way down the list (though this takes substantially more time, and may not be feasible often). On rare occasions, I’ll simply put bottles out on the counter to be discovered by whoever happens to be in the store that day.

Note: to claim your bottle, you must respond within 24 hours of being contacted, and all bottles must be picked up within one week. Bottles not claimed in that time period will either be set on the shelf or distributed in some other fashion. Good luck!

*While we will send the majority of special whiskeys out through our Bourbon Club allocation system, we reserve the right to, and occasionally will, use other means. Sometimes I just like to set a hard-to-find bottle up on the counter and see who the lucky one happens to be!

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