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Busch Light Peach: It’s Heeeeeeeere (Two Weeks Early!)

We begged. We pleaded. We might have hounded, cajoled, wheedled, etc. This wasn’t supposed to drop until mid-June, but our friends at N.H. Scheppers hooked us UP!! Check it out!

I’m telling y’all, this is the flavor of summer! It pours a bit darker than Busch Light, and the nose is dead-on for ripe, fresh peach. Honestly, fruited lagers are decidedly not my thing, but the folks at Busch have done a great job at putting peaches in a can. It doesn’t seem artificial or overly sweet, and it doesn’t clash with the base beer. The palate is refreshing and medium-bodied. You actually taste the base beer under the peach but the fruit and lager meld together pretty seamlessly. Again, the peach feels natural and it’s not too sweet. Again, I gotta admit…this type of beer is not my thing, but…I honestly find myself enjoying this. Gotta say, the guys and gals in R&D here did a pretty bang-up job.

We’ve got 12pk cans and 30pk cans. At a very reasonable 4.1% abv, these will make for a welcome companion to your holiday weekend!

12pk cans ($10.99) and 30pk cans ($21.98)




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