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Green Dragon DIPA (Springfield Brewing Company): Dan’s Take

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced y’all to Springfield Brewing Company, as we were fortunate enough to be the first ones in town to officially bring them on. I’m a huge fan of the brand, though it had been a few years since I’d gotten to do any official…erm…research on their product. Thanks to the folks from the brewery, we’ve been hooked up with some samples, so over the next week or two I’d like to introduce them to y’all a bit more personally! First up: Green Dragon DIPA.

This 7.5% DIPA clocks in at a manageable 65 IBUs and utilizes Citra and Idaho 7 hops in a healthy dry-hopping regimen. It pours out a slightly hazy golden straw hue, with a lasting, creamy ivory cap. The nose gives up plenty of tropical fruit and slight notes of dank herb, along with a very subtle hint of toasty malt…despite the newer-school hops, it seems mostly West-Coast in its DNA, which suits me personally just fine. On the palate, there’s plentiful candied citrus fruit, a nice bitter herbal undertow, and a toasty, biscuity malt backbone that, while lacking any real caramel malt sweetness does manage to seem substantial and in perfect balance with the alcohol, bitterness, and general hop character of the beer.

In conclusion, I still (after several years) question whether a 7.5% abv beer is really qualifies as a “double” (especially when their ‘regular’ IPA is 6.5% abv) but I’ve come to the conclusion that frankly, I really don’t care what they call it. Both are good, and I especially like this for a) it’s perfect balance and b) the fact that I usually can’t stand beers with Idaho 7 in them, but this one works for me! If you’re a fan of old-school IPAs (and local beer!) give this guy a try!

$11.99/6pk cans with a $.15 Fuel Saver!!!




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