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A (Gasp!!) IPA from KC Bier Company?!

Yup! We never thought we’d see it either, but here it is, and it’s tasty! A little unusual, but super tasty!! Check it out!

This 5.8% abv Germanically-influenced IPA is built upon a base of Pilsner and Munich malts, and is hopped to 42 IBUs with both German and American hops. Weird, right? But what’s it like?

The nose is fresh and citrusy, with pine and an earthier, more resiny/candied note that I’m assuming is from the more non-traditonal, German hops. It’s both familiar and slightly unique, and I like it! On the palate, it starts off in familiar IPA territory (citrus/fir) and then switches gears with a much more resinous, candied-fruit, earthy pine needle thing going on. It’s got a medium mouthfeel that’s slightly slick, making it very easy to drink. Bitterness is reasonably low by IPA standards but enough to keep it balanced. If KC Bier was going to do an IPA, this is what it should have been. It’s definitely recognizable as American IPA, but with their unique twist on it. The Old World hops shine through (I’m gonna try to get Jurgen to tell me what they are but they’re very definitely not classic American C-hop varieties, nor do they taste anything like the ‘fruit-salad’ citrusy/tropical hops so popular right now with the hazy bois. It’s different, but the more I drink it, the more I like it!

$11.99/6pk bottles (with a $.20 Fuel-Saver!)




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