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Whiskey Wednesday: Bottled-in-Bond Edition

How cool is this? We’ve finally got one of the best bottled-in-bond bottles out there back in stock after the distributor being out for months. This is another one of those that used to be on the shelf everysingleday, that’s now almost impossible to track down.

While I’m not one of them (I love me some Old Grand-Dad 114!) there are a lot of people who prefer this 100-proof, bottled-in-bond version of Old Grand-Dad over the even-harder-to-get 114. This is the same mash-bill as Basil Hayden (with the likeness of Basil himself on the bottle) but at a much more honest proof. We were only allocated two cases, and it’s at a hot price…it’s only gonna be harder to get in the future, so come on down and snag it at the counter while you can!

$22.99/bottle on sale




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