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SERIOUSLY Hard-to-Get, Top-Shelf, Additive-Free Tequila

Again, it really (really) pays to work with some of the smaller distributors and give them the time of day. That’s how we get stuff like this! They only had these tequilas in stock for a few days, but the KC and STL markets took everything they had except for a handful of bottles. And guess who managed to snag three of each type??

Not only that, it gets better! This was a completely new brand to the market, and I’d never gotten to try it. But Aaron hooked me up and brought samples of two of the three bottles for me to try before I brought ’em in and they. are. FANTASTIC. Sadly, he didn’t have any of the Anejo to taste, but based on what I got out of the first two, it has to be good!

The Blanco is bright and creamy on the nose, and delicately herbal, with beautiful roasted agave notes. There’s something fresh that (oddly enough) almost reminds me of a sea breeze; it’s delicately saline. The palate shows lots of citrus (lime) with pepper, mineral, and a nice earthy cooked agave undertow on the finish. Classic, beautiful blanco.

The Reposado is everything a Repo should be. The nose is subdued and lightly herbal, with hints of caramel and toast. There’s the slightest suggestion of sweetness, maybe a hint of maple sugar. Unlike the majority of Reposado tequilas (not my favorite style) this immediately had me wanting to taste it. On the palate, there’s a wonderful balance of lightly oaky notes, peppery agave, and creamy vanilla. It’s lean, elegant, and perfectly balanced.

The Anejo? Well, I can’t speak to that, as I haven’t tasted it. But I bet it’s stellar. These are all additive-free, and we asked for as much as we could get, and only got 3 bottles of each. The distributor is now effectively out and will be for awhile. These aren’t cheap, but if hard-to-find, ultra-traditional, additive-free tequila is your thing, you’ll wanna try these!

Blanco-$74.99/bottle on sale

Reposado-$89.99/bottle on sale

$Anejo-$114.99/bottle on sale



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