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Rarely-Seen, “White Lightening” Buffalo Trace!!

So, so excited to get a little bit more of this guy! I put a few out for sale for the folks that came to our last Whiskey University class (they had first-dibs before I put them on the shelf and it turns out they bought all of them!) But never fear, my man at Southern Glazers hooked us up and we have a few more for sale for you today…just in time for Whiskey Wednesday. Sadly, it looks like this is all that will be available.

This is Buffalo Trace’s famous “rye mash” recipe, bottled at a legit 125 proof and unaged. If you’re curious to see what a high-quality, top-of-the-line whiskey looks like coming off the still, prior to any barrel-contact or aging, this is your chance!

You won’t see these around again any time soon, so snap ’em up while you can!

$18.99/375ml bottle




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