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Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye: The Only Place In CoMO to Get It!!

I’ve loved working with the distributor for this whiskey, a small new outfit out of St. Louis. Not only have they done a ton for our Tequila and Mezcal game with some super limited stuff (more on that later), we get a shot at stuff like this that no one else in the market has access to! Check these out…

The Dad’s Hat ryes are made in the pre-Prohibition style common to Pennsylvania. They’re made with a mashbill of 75% rye, 20% malted barley (2-row brewer’s malt, a much higher grade of barley malt than standard distiller’s malt), and 5% malted rye. The Straight Rye is a blend of 4-7 year whiskies that clocks in at 95-proof whereas the Maple Syrup-finish is a blend bottled at 90-proof that’s been aged in casks that were originally used for whiskey before being used to finish maple syrup prior to their being filled with this whiskey.

So, how are they? They’re really flippin’ good, to be honest. The Straight Rye is big and bold on the nose, with gobs of spice and plenty of fruit, dusty oak, and explosive rye spice on the palate. This would be a fantastic rye for cocktailing or sipping with a small chip of ice. The Maple Syrup-Finished Rye is just slightly softer on the nose, with hints of floral maple and caramel. The palate is big and spicy, with the slightest hint of pure maple syrup (flavor, no sweetness, as there’s zero sugar added here) on the finish. They’re both delicious!

I asked how much I could have on both of these, and he sold me the last that they had (Kansas City and St. Louis had taken everything on offer other than a handful of bottles), so we have 3 bottles of the Straight Rye and 4 bottles of the Maple Syrup-Barrel Rye. Check ’em out…we’ve got ’em up at the counter!!

Dad’s Hat Straight Rye-$56.99/bottle on sale

Dad’s Hat Maple Syrup-Finished Rye-$47.99/bottle on sale




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