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Celebrate The Chiefs’ Victory Here!!

These just came in this morning, hot off the presses as it were! We’ll have more limited-edition Chiefs gear coming in the next 3-4 weeks, but these were the first to arrive. We’ve only got 12 bottles of each, and they’re at hot prices, so get ’em while you can!

Whether you’re saving it for posterity or popping it open to celebrate, these bottles are the perfect gift for Chiefs fans, and are priced to move!

Rieger’s Kansas City Wheat Vodka (Chiefs’ Edition!)-“Our Premium Wheat Vodka is 100% wheat based and conveys a clean and smooth flavor, as well as a full body and rich texture. Given a final distillation in our 750-gallon copper pot still, we are able to round out the spirit while giving it a full-body mouth feel.”

$19.99/bottle on sale

Chiefs’ Championship Sparkling Wine-This easy-drinking, food-friendly sparkling white wine clocks in at an easy-going 11% alcohol and is the perfect way to celebrate the Chiefs’ win!!

$26.99/bottle on sale

Come on down and check these out before they’re gone!




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