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Whiskey University 222: Irish Whiskey Basics…Come Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Style!!

Oh, I am SO excited about this one!! Usually I insist on doing my own St. Patrick’s event (it’s one of my favorites to put together), but this year…oi…there’s way too much going on. AND we have access to Brad Martens from Whiskey University, who I never had before. So what did we do? I picked whiskies I was passionate about and am going to make the food for the event, but instead of listening to me prattle on and on, Brad’s going to be teaching his awesome Whiskey 222: Irish Whiskey Basics.

Why do you want to come to this event? I’m so glad you asked!! First of all, this is the first time this class will be taught in CoMO and all of Brad’s classes have been huge hits. In fact, we’ve sold out on two occasions now, and even had to add extra tickets for our last event! Second, I’ll be cooking up a light meal of Irish pub favorites: Beef and Guinness stew, colcannon, traditional Irish soda bread, and bread pudding with whiskey caramel sauce (menu subject to change, but that should be pretty close).

Ok, so the presentation from Brad is top-notch, the nosh is tasty, but y’all are here for the whiskey, amirite? Check these out. We’re planning to sample…

  • Red Breast 12yr Single Pot-Still
  • Jameson Black Barrel
  • Bushmill’s Black Bush
  • Connemara Peated Single Malt
  • Teeling Pot Still
  • Busker Single Pot-Still
  • Teeling Small Batch
  • Dingle Single Malt

There are some serious whiskies in there and if we get enough people to sign up, I’m going to try to either swap one out for, or add another bottle of something really special. You get all this for only $50/person. How’s that for value?! But don’t wait, seats will go fast! Sign up via the link below!

Sign Up HERE!!




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