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Dosvidanya Day (CoMO Style!)

Destihl Brewing back in Normal, IL (my old stomping grounds) is one of those funny breweries that seems to be a bit all over the place. They do a lot of middle-of-the-road beer, they definitely produce a couple of clunkers, they have some surprising, super-tasty finds (including the best Steam Beer, draft-only, that I’ve ever had) and then they knock a couple out of the park. Dosvidanya is one of those beers. I still remember the first vintage of this beer that I tried. That was way back when it was in 500ml glass bottles…come to think of it, I believe I still have a couple of those lurking in the back of my cellar that I should probably drink…but I digress. Anyway, the “regular” bourbon- and rye-barrel aged varieties are always delicious, and well worth picking up. They traditionally have a lot more malt complexity than some other American RIS, which I dig. We usually don’t see the variants but…well, looky here.

The brewery does an annual “Dosvidanya Day” (a la Dark Lord Day, Darkness Day, etc) and I’ve never been able to go, but here we have a sampling of it right here at Rockbridge Hy-Vee! Check it out…

2022 Bourbon-Barrel Dosvidanya-14.6% abv

2022 Rye-Barrel Dosvidanya-13.6% abv

2022 S’Mores Dosvidanya-14.0% abv

We only received a 12-can case each of the bourbon and rye “original” beers, and 24 cans of the S’Mores variant, so don’t wait…these are fantastic beers for a blustery weekend!

$12.99/16oz can




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