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New Beer Friday: It’s an Abomination!

These guys do some truly whacky stuff, and these two new varieties fall firmly within that category, but they also sound like a lot of fun!

Normally, we’re able to get a case of each Abomination release, but we were limited to 12 cans of each of these this go-round. Check ’em out!

Tiramisu Midnight Snack-An imperial stout named after one of my favorite Italian desserts! A whopping 14% abv monster!

$6.99/16oz can

Love Letters from Hell-A milkshake-style triple IPA brewed with…well…most of a flippin’ candy store’s worth of inventory! At 9.6% it’s potent, but I might worry more about your insulin level than the alcohol!

$5.99/16oz can




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