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Fantastic New Tequila: Hard-to-Find!!

I know y’all probably get so tired of hearing me say this, but here’s another thing that, at least for now, you’ll only find here at your Rockbridge Hy-Vee! I found this in a beer vendor’s portfolio (they have a few rare and unusual spirits) and when I saw the ratings (and that it was additive-free and well-priced!) I had to try it. And it’s delicious!

Distilled at NOM 1414 (who produce the rockstar brands Gran Dovejo, Siembra Azul, and Artenom 1414 ), this is certified additive-free. Tequilamatchmaker also lists it as organic, though this isn’t displayed on the bottle. So much for its bona fides, how does it taste?

I shoulda guessed, based on the box that’s adorned with citrus fruit that this was a citrus-forward tequila, but immediately as soon as we popped the glass-topped cork from the bottle, my assistant manager and I were surprised how fresh and citrusy it was. It’s quite clean, and surprisingly sweet (again, with zero additives, the sweetness is perceived, rather than actual, and comes from ripe, well-matured agave).

This is delightful, fresh, full-flavored, and super-affordable at only $39.99/bottle on sale. Not only will it make a delicious margarita, it’s an easy sipper or shooter as well! Come check it out!

$39.99/bottle on sale (regularly $46.99)

$5.99/50ml bottles on sale (regularly $6.99)




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