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What to Get Your Honey for Valentine’s Day? Why Not Get ‘Em a Box of Chocolate?!

I remember back in my Conley Road days when this came in 22oz bombers and was almost impossible to get if you lived outside of the St. Louis Metro area, but now it’s available in limited quantities in six-pack cans and at a great price. Oh, and the beer itself? Granted, it was like 8-9 years ago, but I think the current release is better than ever!

This is a Belgian-style Quadrupel ale brewed with chocolate and natural flavor. This 10% abv beer pours out an almost stout-like black-ish hue with a creamy pale sand cap. The nose reminds me of old-timey malt shop chocolate syrup (not a bad thing, and a definite step up from the “fake/generic chocolate syrup” that many non-stout chocolate beers have going on). There’s also a bit of dark fruit and just a kiss of malted milk, with a slight suggestion of roast. The palate has tons of chocolate (again, kinda ‘old timey malt shop’ flavors), with subtle dark fruit and a kiss of roasted barley. It’s definitely fun and unique, and has the distinction of being one of the least artificial tasting “chocolate ales” I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

We’ve been working on getting this for about a month and finally snagged some right before the holiday. Get it while it’s here, for that chocolate lover in your life (even if that person is you)!

$16.99/6pk cans




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