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New Beer Friday: When You Gaze into the Abyss…

…your wife may wonder why the heck you’re staring so hard at your beer! So excited to have this one in! I love the new 12oz 4pk packaging on Deschutes new high-end stuff. The old-school, waxed 22oz bottles looked great but the pricing was just…yeah. But I digress. This is one of my favorite “big name” imperial stouts (Darkness being one of the others) and it just never seems to disappoint.

Crafted with 2-row pale, roasted barley, black barley, black malt, chocolate malt, and wheat, and hopped with Nugget, Cascade, and Delta. 11% abv. Since we only got two cases initially, we decided to split this up into singles to try to spread the love around (and make it a bit easier not to break the bank when everything else is so expensive)!

$4.49/12oz bottle




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