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Friday Bourbon Drop: Maker’s Mark Single-Barrel Edition

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this ever since Marcie got to go down to Kentucky and pick out a barrel. John and I couldn’t make it work schedule wise to go but hey, I’m not disappointed or bitter at all that I couldn’t get my schedule to work out…heh…heh…right?….yeah…..annnnnnyay. BUT. The good news? Marcie did a fanastic job, and now we’re all reaping the benefits. Check this out!

Our barrel of Maker’s Mark Private Selection (codenamed “Spiced Bana Foster”) comes in at a robust 109.4 proof and as bottled in December of 2022. This barrel was finished with a unique combination of ten staves (including both American and spicy French oak) to create a balanced, robust profile. On the nose, this is warm and inviting, with waves of caramel, rich baking spice, and golden fruit. It’s a sweet but balanced (and far from saccharine) nose, with a lovely, but not overdone, spice character. The palate is prominently oaky, with French oak spice and hints of candied orange, along with moderate toast. It’s lightly grippy around the edges, but doesn’t ever approach being over-oaked. There’s caramel sweetness, but it’s nicely in balance with the spice. Marcie…ya done good!

We’ve got a sample bottle open at the counter for you to try before you buy, so come on down and find a new favorite. Who loves y’all?!

$69.99/bottle on sale




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