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Whiskey University Bourbon 252: “The Big Three Distilleries”

It’s that time again! We’ve had such phenomenal success with Brad Martens and the classes that he teaches for Whiskey University that we’ve scheduled another one for Thursday February 16th. That’s just two weeks away, folks, and trust me, you’re gonna wanna be a part of this one…just wait until you see what we’re pouring. Oh, ANNNNNND…it’s two days after Valentine’s Day…wanna get your man (or lady) something fun and unique for Valentine’s Day? I’ve been very much on a “forget the material stuff, give me experiences” kick lately, and this would be a perfect gift to give to make some memories! Anway, check this out!

This time around, we’ll be doing Whiskey University’s “Bourbon 252: The Big Three” course, which is a bit more advanced and in-depth than the Bourbon: 201 course we’ve done a couple of times in the past. Check out what we’re scheduled to pour…

  • Jim Beam Devil’s Cut
  • Old Grand-Dad 114 (You can’t find this anywhere right now)
  • Booker’s (allocated!)
  • Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond
  • Larceny Small Batch
  • Elijah Craig Barrel-Proof (allocated!)
  • Sazerac Rye (allocated!)
  • Eagle Rare (allocated!)
  • EH Taylor (allocated!)

This was the first event of 2023 and so we wanted to go a little bit more high-brow, with some really fun stuff to taste. Here’s the fine print: Tickets are $50 and will cover the cost of all samples, the class itself (Brad does a phenomenal job, he’s sold out twice now!), and some tasty snacks to enjoy while sipping in your bourbon. Sign up via the link below, but don’t wait…seats will go fast!





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