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We’ve Found It! Hidden Barn Kentucky Bourbon!

What do you get when you take a master blender who’s earned her street cred at somewhere like Old Forester and put her in charge of a new project? Something good, you can be sure! And that’s exactly what happened with Jackie Zykan (a St. Louis, MO native, as well!). After spending several years working at Old Forester, she’s now become the master blender at Hidden Barn, and the whiskies are finally available (in very limited supply) in our market! Check this out!

So far the only bottling available to us is Small Batch Series One (ours is Batch #23A, bottled at 107.4 proof), but we’re hoping to see a very small amount of Small Batch Series Two next week if we’re lucky as well. From the distillery:

“The Hidden Barn Small Batch is produced at the Neeley Family Distillery (DSP-KY-20039) Sparta, KY, with a 70% Corn, 20% Rye, 10% Malted Barley mash bill. The Small Batch is fermented for five days using wild-caught Kentucky yeast and Northern Kentucky aquifer water. It is then double pot distilled and collected at 127 proof. The distillate is then matured in a two-year seasoned American white oak barrel and filled at 110 proof using only a sediment filter.”

We only received 6 bottles of this allocation and don’t think we’ll be able to get any more for a bit, so if this is your jam, grab it now! And the price isn’t bad either!





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