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It’s-a-Meeee…And We’ve Got a New Beer for You!

We’ve been playing a lot of…a certain…Kart racing game…on a certain handheld gaming system of my kiddos recently…and so when I saw this beer…I just had to see what it was all about for y’all! Brand-new from local favorites Broadway Brewery comes this double-dry hopped hazy IPA utilizing Galaxy and Enigma hops and brewed to 6.6% abv.

It pours what one of my favorite brewers refers to “golden mud” with a creamy ivory cap. The nose is both dank and delightfully tropical-fruity. Maybe mango with a bit of passionfruit? On the palate, this is green and herbal up front, with a big wallop of tropical fruit flavor, moderate bitterness, and just a bit of grainy malt on the finish.

Hazies aren’t my thing, but this is really solid, it’s local, and it’s got some awesome packaging…come get some!

$10.99/6pk cans




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