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An Incredible New (Local) Gin

I was really surprised by this one! I’m not typically one for ‘craft’ (i.e. small distillery) gins. A lot of times they come off as grain-heavy, unbalanced or unfocused, and they’re almost always (in my experienced) overpriced. And don’t even get me started on Navy-Strength gins. Peppery? Boozy? A bit of burn? Sure, but I don’t want it to taste like paint-thinner and strip the enamel off my teeth. There are some killer examples out there, to be sure (I’m looking at you, Cannonball) but I didn’t expect to find one so good so close to home!

Brand-new from the folks at Dogmaster Distillery right here in CoMO, we’ve got one of the first placements of Brass Monkey Navy-Strength Gin. Oh, and it’s good! This is a big, punchy juniper-and-citrus-heavy gin, with a few interesting botanicals thrown in that are kept secret (except for a very curious use of cacao nibs). Just like their ‘regular’ gin, this is corn-based, and you get hints of that creamy, nutty corn base on the nose, along with clean, cool juniper and citrus peel.

On the palate, this is all about size…it’s big, with big citrus, big juniper, and big alcohol. But, and here’s the thing…it’s clean, and it’s as balanced as something that’s 114-proof can be (especially an unaged spirit). There’s a lovely peppery bit of heat and just a suggestion of corn-derived sweetness that balances everything else.

In sum? It’s good local gin, good ‘craft’ gin, good Navy gin…it’s just good gin. If you’re like me and find that standard-proof gins don’t measure up in certain classic cocktails (Negroni or Last Word, anyone?) this may be the perfect option for you.

$36.99/bottle on sale




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