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New Beer Friday: Speakeasy Edition!

Dude…talk about an embarrassment of riches! Check out what Dylan from Speakeasy managed to get to us yesterday (and this isn’t even counting the super-rare Indian single-malt whiskies, Riga Black Basalm (St. Louis took everything we didn’t get!!), and other fun rarities he snagged for us!).

903 Lonely Brewer’s Beer Club Imperial Stout-“With Lonely Hearts Club Reserve, we celebrate the search for something special. This imperial stout is aged on almond and brandy infused cherries, resulting in a thrilling pursuit of flavors throughout its lushly velvet mouthfeel. Notes of dark chocolate and roasted malts tango with succulent cherry and nutty almond, an exquisite dance of dark fruit, chocolate hints and nutty flavors. A sweet kiss of fruit complete this rapturous entanglement of flavors. In this stout, you’ve found the one.”

$4.99/12oz can

903 Thank You for Being 903’s Friend (Golden Girls)-Slushy sour brewed with pineapple, lime, strawberry, orange, lactose, and vanilla-flavored-glitter.

$4.99/12oz can

903 Troop 309 Pastry Cream Ale-“In Troop 903, flavors of creamy coconut, rich chocolate and caramel sweetness evoke the most irresistible limited release cookies. Coconut shines in this beer, prominently intertwining with the biscuity malt base. The supporting cast of nutty caramel and cocoa flavors lend depth, sweetness and complexity to this medium bodied ale. Our latest cream ale combines a well-crafted beer with a troop of cookie flavors, resulting in a badge worthy treat.”

$2.49/12oz can

Surly Abrasive DIPA-9.2% abv West-Coast IPA brewed with 2-Row, Golden Naked Oats, Acidulated malt, and Flaked oats, hopped with Warrior and Citra, and fermented with English Ale yeast. Just. So. Good. You guys blew this out in record time the last time we had it in! We received just one case!

$3.99/16oz can

The Bruery “Back to School” PBJ Imperial Stout-“We’re going back to Back to School. Inspired by the trusty peanut butter and jelly sandwich, this imperial stout was brewed with peanuts, salt, classic Concord grapes, and just a hint of vanilla. This stout turns in an A+ balance of sweet grape jelly and peanut butter notes, with extra credit for its slight oak and spice character. Don’t miss the bus!”

$10.99/16oz can

Surly Double Bladed Axe Man DIPA-This is the first time we’ve seen this here and it’s so good. Big alcohol, big bitterness, big malt sweetness. Axe Man is one of y’alls favorite Surly beers, and this takes it to the next level. 10.8% abv, brewed with Golden Promise and 2-Row malts, hopped with Warrior, Citra, and Mosaic, and fermented with English Ale yeast. This has beautiful notes of singed orange peel and packs a wallop!

$4.99/16oz can

Surly Darkness-We scored a scant six cans! This is (in my opinion) one of the few of the old-school “sought-after, hyped, etc” imperial stouts to actually measure up. So, so good. Ask for this at the counter

$13.99/16oz can

Oh, and they fully restocked us on Surly as well. Come on down and check it out!




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