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Bourbon Drop Friday: Penelope Edition!

Ok, so I’ve had this on the shelf for a couple of days now, but I’ve finally got everything set up neatly, talking-signs and tasting notes put up, etc. AND we have sample bottles for you to try before you buy! Here’s the skinny…

We were lucky enough to be part of a corporate-driven single-barrel pick program from Penelope and were even more fortunate that we managed to score a barrel of their “Architect” series, which is one of their most sought-after bottlings. Here’s the thing. To get this kind of deal, we had to buy in. Now you know, and I know, that January is slow in the retail world. You and I also know that gas is rising (again…it just jumped this morning…I found out the hard way filling up at 3:30 a.m. this morning!) and prices are rising across the board. So what did we do? We put massive Fuel-Savers on these bottles for y’all! Not only do you get some fantastic whiskey, you also save big at the pump. Come check it out!

Penelope Architect Hy-Vee Barrel Pick-$74.99/bottle with $.75 Fuel Saver

Penelope 4-Grain White Label-$36.99/bottle with $.35 Fuel Saver

Penelope Toasted Barrel Strength-$69.99/bottle with a $.50 Fuel Saver

Penelope Barrel Strength-$64.99/bottle with a $.50 Fuel Saver

Come on down to grab a bottle, and try a sample before you buy, as we have all 4 open up on the counter!




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