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Bourbon Drop Friday: Elijah Craig Barrel-Pick Edition

So, so excited to finally have this guy hit. Ever since my counterpart Marcie over at Store #3 told me this was on it’s way, I’ve been on tenterhooks waiting for it to get here. And these days, with barrel picks, we’re often left waiting a long time, but today’s the day! Check this out!

This beauty is a rocking ten years old and is bottled at a robust (a bit of an understatement, there) 125.2 proof. It’s uncut, straight from the barrel, and non-chill filtered. This is bourbon as it was intended to be.

The color’s a beautiful deep golden amber and the nose gives up notions of elegant, vanilla-tinged oak, subtle, complex baking spices, and an interesting dried herbal character that I’ve always associated with Elijah Craig. Deeper nosings bring melted caramel and toast, but this isn’t an overly “sweet” smelling bourbon. It’s powerful, and you can sense the proof, but it’s still elegant. On the palate, this is well-oaked, with deep, complex vanilla, toast, and old oak flavors, balanced spice, and again, that lilting dried-herb thing, along with a sort of ‘nougat-y’ finish. Sampling the neck pour out of a plastic glass at work doesn’t do this justice. Give it a couple of days after you’ve opened this, and I think you’re going to be thrilled to discover a beautiful, distinctly elegant bourbon that’s at the perfect age. It’s potent, and I think I’d probably like my 3oz pour with a 1 or two small pieces of ice, but this is really special stuff. We received four cases out of this barrel.

$77.99/bottle (regularly $84.99!)




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