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Brand-New NA English Pale Ale (With Missouri DNA!)

Check this out, it just arrived! While it still carries the well-known Wellbeing label, this is being brewed and canned by Schlafly (which is awesome)! It’s clearly brewed for those of us that love the Premiere League (which is double-awesome) and it seems (from the description) that it’s based on Schlafly’s classic English-style Pale Ale (dare I say triple-awesome?).

Check this out!

“The English Pale Ale has been intricately linked to the beautiful game since the Football Association wrote down the first set of rules in 1863. A pint of bitters is the universal pub call when fans from across England sit down and get ready to watch their favorite side. WellBeing has taken these traditions to their logical evolution by creating Match Day, The Non-Alcoholic English Premier Pale Ale. Based on ye olde recipe from The Saint Louis Brewery, the ingredients read like a Premier League table; London Yeast, Essex Chocolate Malt, East Kent Golding, Northdown and Pilgrim Hops. Like the beautiful game itself, it’s an ale born of artistry.” .3% alcohol, 35 calories, and 7g carbs

$10.49/6pk cans (save $2.50!)




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