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THE Light Beer for Craft Beer Folks…And it’s Local?!

Chuck this in the “crap I never, ever though I would be writing about” category but…well, here we are. I don’t do light beer, just like I don’t do “lo-cal wine.” I mean, maybe I should…I’m up 35-40 lbs since I started this gig 18 months ago or so. My take on it, though, is simply “drink less: drink better.” But now, there’s a seriously legit low-calorie, full-flavor craft beer option…and it’s local!

KC Bier Co. “Light”-Let me start by saying that no, this is not as full-flavored or as rich and malty as a traditional German pilsner. But it’s darn close. Brewed with imported German malts and hops and decoction-mashed like KC Bier Co’s other beers (this is what makes a lot of the difference I’m pretty sure) it tastes…well…exactly like a lighter version of a traditional German pilsner should. It’s got grainy, crackery malt, crisp bitterness, and lightly floral/herbal hops. And get this…each 12oz bottle has 107 calories and 3.5% alcohol and 18 IBUs, yet it packs in plenty of flavor.

Wanna cut calories without sacrificing flavor? This is your beer. Wanna drink less in the new year, but still enjoy a well-crafted lager? We’ve got you, mate. This beer has 37% less alcohol than your “average” beer and fewer calories than…uh…let’s just say the “light beer category leader”. And it’s produced right down the road in KCMO! Try it out…I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

$10.49/6pk bottles with a $.10 Fuel-Saver!!




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