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New from KC Bier Company: Weizenbock Dunkel!

I’m not even gonna bore y’all with rambling on and on (hey, I would never, amirite?) about how fantastic KC Bier Company is. It’s enough to say that, as far as I’m concerned (and until I’m shown otherwise) they’re producing just about the best, most authentic, German-style ales and lagers in the US. And the prices are incredible for the quality. Here’s a new one I can’t wait to try tonight at the end of a long week!

KC Bier Weizenbock Dunkel-“Weizenbock Dunkel is a dark, strong wheat bier brewed with 100% all-natural, German-grown malt and hops. It boasts big aromas of fresh-baked banana bread and spice, and flavors of caramel and candied banana with a subtle booze sweetness.” This beer seems just about perfect for the weather we’re having this week!

ABV = 7.5%

IBU = 18

$11.99/6pk with a $.15 Fuel Saver!!




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