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Kozel Černý (Czech-style Dark Lager)

In odd little corners of the beer geek Interwebs, there are pockets of people who talk about weird, traditional styles, and how much they wish more breweries were focusing on these historic, tried-and-true, simple-yet-delicious styles. Things like English Bitter. ESB. English Mild (light or dark!). The full-bodied glory of a decocted Helles lager. Standard (again, decocted!) German Bock. Something other than a triple-hazy-quintupple-dry-hopped-passionguavapeachfruitlactovanilla IPA. And, lately, it seems that more and more oddball little breweries and homebrewers are playing around with a lesser-known, ultimate-geek-factor style: Černý.

Černý simply means “black” or “dark” and it’s appropriate to think of this underappreciated style of lager as sort of a Czeck cross between German Schwarzbier and Munich Dunkel. Intensely malty, but with enough of a firm hop bite to keep it balanced, and an oh-so-drinkable abv. In fact, Kozel’s (Polish) version (at only 3.8% abv!!) ticks another ‘geek factor’ spot on my list…affordable session beer. And it’s a great price! The distributor only had three cases, and I grabbed two of ’em, so get it before it’s gone!

$10.49/4pk pint cans (with a $.25 Fuel Saver!!)




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