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INSANE January Closeout Deals: Pt IV (Dense, Full-Bodied 94pt Mendoza Red!)

This may be my go-to pick out of the “regular” closeout offerings we have here. This is a wine that I’ve sold well at both of my stores, and one that I actually sold on the wholesale side when I was in that gig. It’s always good, it’s always highly-rated, and it’s always under-valued! If you love big, rich, complex red wines from Argentina, you owe it to yourself to try this guy. You will simply not find a better value than the closeout deal we scored on this wine!

2018 Alma Negra “Cuvee M” Red Blend-This gorgeous, sultry blend comes from Ernesto Catena, the son of world-renowned winemaker Nicolas Catena of Catena Zapata, and overdelivers in just about every way, especially at this price. Alma Negra means “Black Soul” and is a reference to the Bonarda grape, the heart and soul of this wine which gives it its inky hue and rich intensity. The blend is meant to be mysterious (the wine was originally launched as ‘Mysterio’), so the exact blend year-to-year is kept secret but the Bonarda in the blend is what largely defines the character of the wine. If you love big, rich New-World reds, you’ll love this. And the critics agree!

“This shows a compressed palate of blackberries and licorice with hints of currants. Full-bodied. Svelte. So delicious to drink now, but will improve with age. Cabernet Franc, Bonarda and Malbec. Enjoy now or hold in your cellar.” 94pts

This wine is the heart and soul (or the blacker side of it, anyway) of Argentina, and is a phenomenal deal…at this price, you may wanna grab this by the case! Find this on our Crazy Closeout display across from the register in Wine & Spirits, and on the shelf in our South American set.

Regularly $19.99/bottle…we have this on closeout at $8.99/bottle…for a 94pt wine!!




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