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INSANE January Closeout Deals: Pt I (Extreme Value Items)

It’s that time of year again…the January blues are here! After the Holidays, things tend to slow down every year, as everyone’s a bit strapped for cash. We’re always looking for ways to help y’all out though and we’ve been on the hunt for some serious bargains now for awhile. Thanks to some amazing opportunities from our vendors, we’ve got some awesome stuff to share with you this week! Check this out!

Barton & Guestier Reserve Cabernet-From the Pays d’Oc region in the south of France, this beautiful, classically-styled Cabernet from one of the classic names in value-driven French wines is partially aged in oak, to strike a nice blend between fresh fruit and secondary flavors.

Regularly $10.99, we’ve got this on closeout for $5.99/bottle!

“A” By Acacia Chardonnay-Bright and fresh, this California Chardonnay is a crowd-pleaser all day, every day. We bought the last that the distributor had and, while this typically retails for $13.99/bottle, we’re blowing it out at a rock-bottom $6.99/bottle! You won’t find a better deal!

Regularly $13.99/bottle, we’ve got this on closeout for $6.99/bottle!

Precarious Oregon Pinot NoirOregon Pinot Noir is quickly gaining an international reputation for quality that can rival some of the best from Burgundy. Here we have a bright-and-fresh, entry-level Oregon AVA Pinot that’s perfect for your table tonight.

Regularly $17.99/bottle, we’ve got this on closeout for $9.99/bottle!

How’s that for some killer savings on read-to-drink, stock-up-and-save values? We’ve got limited amounts of all of these, all on our Crazy Closeout endcap, right across from the register in your friendly Rockbridge Wine & Spirits Department! Come check ’em out!




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