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INSANE January Closeout Deals: Pt III (Dave Phinney Edition!)

This one came in at the last minute and absolutely shocked us with the value that we managed to snag! Gotta be honest, I hadn’t heard of D66 before, but the story is super cool! Created by Dave Phinney, this wine is named after Department 66, in the south of France. Check it out!

“Deep in the Southwest corner of France lies Department 66, which serves as the inspiration and namesake for our winery and vineyards in the town of Maury. Roughly two hours east of Barcelona, Spain, and thirty minutes inland from the ancient Roman port city of Perpignan, old vine Grenache thrives along with Syrah and Carignan in the “Cotes Catalanes;” a sub-appellation of the Roussillon. “

“We own and maintain 300 acres (120 hectares) of vineyards among the Pyrénées-Orientales mountain range, which were planted more than 60 years ago. The terroir is dominated by black schist, with small deposits of granite and limestone in red, rocky soils known as angile.”

2017 D66 Grenache-This wine from Maury (a really cool, rugged, gorgeous area in the southwestern corner of France) is all about excess. It’s big, bold, and rich, blended from old-vine Grenache, Syrah, and Carignan. This has gobs of dark fruit richness, lots of spice, and some floral notes as well as hints of chocolate and coffee. If you like big, rich, hedonistic red blends, this is 100%, absolutely for you. Oh, and the deal we managed to get? Forgeddabout! This comes in a substantial, heavy bottle, with a beautiful, unique label and bottle top design. Find this across from our register on our Crazy Closeouts endcap!

Regularly $34.99/bottle, on clearance for $14.99…insane value here!




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