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Whiskey University “Bourbon 201” Returns!!

We’re so incredibly excited to do this again, after the initial success of our first go-round! Several of you couldn’t make it for the first class, and so before we did any of the higher-level courses, we wanted to give y’all a second chance to jump on board. Check it out!

Our local instructor is Brad Martens, a leader in the University of Missouri system and an all-around great guy. He’s super-passionate about whiskey in general, and the education piece specifically, so it should be a good time. Take a look at what we’ll be tasting…

Ok, so the other details…

  • Tickets are $45 and can be purchased at the link below
  • Prices include samples of 9 different whiskies (including Blanton’s!)
  • We’ll break about halfway through for snacks (house-made!)
  • Anyone wanting to purchase bottles (other than Blanton’s, which we don’t have regularly) will get special pricing the night of the event.
  • This class is limited to 30 people…first come, first-served, so sign up HERE today!!

This was a lot of fun last time and is sure to be a blast this go-round as well! Please email me with any questions!! But don’t delay in signing up; we’ve already filled 18 of the 30 slots available!!




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