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Luxury Bordeaux Pre-Sale: Super-Limited Time Offer!

Here’s one for those of you who have been asking about high-end Bordeaux and what we can get/what’s available. Usually there’s only one allocated/presale Bordeaux offer per year (and they didn’t do one in late 2022, due to an influx of other product, shipping issues, etc) but they did decide to make it up to us this year!

Here’s the fine print: wines must be ordered in case quantities (6 or 12 bottles, respectively). We’ve included our (incredibly competitive) pricing here as well. Please note: because pricing is so competitive, which itself is a result of having to order full cases and this being a luxury offer, no 10% or 15% additional discount will be applied. If we did that, we’d be selling under cost, and that’s not good for anyone 🙂

We received this offer the day before New Year’s, and I spent 2-3 hours winnowing several hundred lines of products down to what you see above (some of the best deals/best-scoring, ‘big dog’, collectible/investment-worthy wines. Let me know, via text or email, what you might be interested in ASAP. If people are interested in the same wines, we can possibly split cases to make overall purchases less daunting. If you’re interested in vintages/wines not listed here, let me know; I’ll go back through the original list and see what I can find.




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