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Rockbridge Hy-Vee: CoMO’s Best Choice for New Year’s Bubbly (Part IV: 95 & 96pt Dry Lambrusco Edition!!)

We have not only one, but two bone-dry, absolutely out-of-this-world, supremely flavorful, world-class Lambrusco wines in stock, if you’re wanting to ring in the new year with something a little bit different. If you’re like most people, the name Lambrusco conjures up images of sweet ‘jug’ (it often comes in a 1.5L bottle) wine that’s…well, not all that impressive. Mayhaps back in our college days, but we’re all grown up and a little fancier now, amiright? Nonetheless, this sweet/semi-sweet, dirt-cheap Lambrusco is what most of what can be found in the market. Don’t get me wrong, there are some delicious gently-sweet Lambruscos from smaller, quality-minded producers out there, but the dry versions are really where it’s at. And today, we have a couple of stunners for you!!

2020 Paltrinieri “La Riserva” Lambrusco-“The La Riserva from Paltrinieri is the wine that turns heads the moment it’s poured. It will stop a conversation. The beautiful pink-rose hue of the wine and its white-strawberry and red-currant aromas pour out of the glass, causing you to want to smell deeper. And there you will find cherry, fresh herbs, and a serious depth that puts it closer to Champagne than any other Lambrusco I have tasted. The acidity is bracing and refreshing and each glass will tell a more interesting story than the one before.” 96pts Wine Enthusiast

$27.99/bottle (save $7.00)

2021 Paltrinieri Lambrusco RadiceThis wine has received 95pts from Wine Enthusiast for the last FOUR VINTAGES running! “Woodland berry, violet and botanical herb aromas come to the forefront on this radiant sparkler. Bone-dry, focused and loaded with energy, the delicious palate delivers strawberry, pomegranate, fennel and a hint of citrus zest alongside bright acidity. Softly foaming bubbles lend polish and finesse.” 95pts Wine Enthusiast

$20.99/bottle (save $6.00)

You simply cannot pick a bad bottle here. The Brut Riserva is fully spumante (fully sparkling) while the Radice is frizzante (softly sparkling) and is done in a pet-nat style (the tiny bit of sediment you see is 100% natural and intended). You won’t find these anywhere else in town, and we were incredibly fortunate to snag some. Come on down and grab a bottle (or three). Once you try them, you’ll know why we’re so excited by these guys!




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