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Rockbridge Hy-Vee: CoMO’s Best Choice for New Year’s Bubbly (Part III: Extreme Value Edition!)

Ok, so the Holidays were expensive. Like, crazy expensive. Or maybe you’re like me, and replacing a car battery turned into “oh, by the way your tires are bald and you need for new tires, that’ll be $700, surprise!” Ugh, what a week. The point is, maybe you don’t want to spend much on bubbly for New Years, but you don’t want to get the stuff the college kids drink on Game Day mornings, either! We’ve gotcha covered. Below you’ll find some of our absolute best-sellers (several of which you won’t find anywhere else in Columbia!). They’re best-sellers for a reason…they offer excellent value at incredibly competitive prices!

Ladies and gents, these are the workhorses here at Rockbridge. French and Italian bubblies that drink well above their price-point and offer exceptional value. The Montelliana Prosecco is crisp, easy-drinking, and fruity, with nicely-balanced acidity. The Les Alliés Blanc de Blancs Brut is just…seriously. Where else can you get 100% Chardonnay (produced and bottled in the Côte d’Or) for this price?! It’s got a pretty blend of fruit, mineral, and a hint of toast, and it’s a definite step up from a lot of the ‘big name’ brands!

Montelliana Prosecco-$10.99/bottle (save $4.00!)

Les Alliés Blanc de Blancs-$12.99/bottle (with a $.30 Fuel Saver!!)

Let’s start in the middle. Bisol’s “Jeio” cuvée is our second or third best-selling Prosecco (behind the two brands most people think of when they think of Prosecco) and that’s a pretty big deal since, other than a restaurant or two who has used it as a by-the-glass pour locally, we’re the only ones who run it. It’s tight, focused, and refreshing…the perfect bottle for impromptu gatherings, parties, or mimosas! This is a serious “step up” Prosecco and, for the dollar or two more, it’s absolutely worth buying over the big-name brands. Monteliana’s “Meliora” Prosecco Rosé is the ‘step up’ tier from their entry-level bottling referenced above, and is our best-selling ‘pink’ Prosecco. Finally, Vigneti Le Monde’s rosé of Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) which hails from Friuli (one of my favorite Italian wine regions) shows a gorgeous blend of berries and spice which perfectly reflects its varietal and a complexity which comes from 40-year-old vines.

Bisol “Jeio” Prosecco-$14.99/bottle (with a $.25 Fuel Saver!!)

Montelliana “Meliora” Prosecco Rosé-$14.99/bottle (with a $.30 Fuel Saver!!)

Vigneti Le Monde Pinot Nero Rosé-$19.99/bottle (save $4.00!)

There are so many more options like these that I could show you, but we’re running short on time this morning and it’s time to open the department! Come on down and see us for Columbia’s best bubbly selection, from the high end to the delightfully ‘every day’!




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